Friday, February 27, 2009

The Upside of Down

As promised, I'm checking in on Friday to report on my progress or lack thereof for the past week. Here goes.

I was crazy busy this week and didn't spend much time organizing or cleaning--so no good news on that front. The Accidental Diet, on the other hand, does seem to be back on track. I've lost three pounds! There is a chance that this is actually a Depression Diet (hence the upside of down) since the current economic crisis is really starting to get to me as the possibility of layoffs seems more and more real. The fact that I've lost most interest in food is a fairly decent side-effect. Not only can not eating help me lose weight, but it saves money too! A win-win! Also, paralyzing fear over my future employment means I'm watching my spending across the board. It is amazing how frugal you can be when you are terrified.

Until next time!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ummm, yeah, so I'm, uh, really making progress now.

Okay, maybe not so much. It's been a long time since my last post. Too long, I know. What can I say? The holidays happened and then I became insanely busy and stressed and I just haven't done a thing. Story of my life really. Seriously. It seems that every time I think I'm getting on track with say exercising, healthy eating, building up my savings, keeping my apartment clean, etc. life happens and I get completely derailed! I may go to the gym for three weeks straight and then I will go on vacation, get sick, have a paper to get the picture...and my routine goes right out the window. It is so frustrating. It isn't as though I'm setting unrealistic goals here, so there must be something about me that is just too random and undisciplined to keep life from devolving into chaos.

So as far as status updates go...well, I've managed to gain back six of the ten pounds l lost on the Accidental Diet. Only four came over the holidays, which wasn't bad really. The other two have come in the last week during which I've been eating Hot Cheetos like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, when the Apocalypse comes I expect to be hunkered down with a crate of Hot Cheetos and a few cases of Wild Turkey, but I digress... the point is that's me--Stress Eater. Depression kills my appetite, but stress? Bring on the Ben and Jerry's!

At least I made some great progress on the apartment in early January. Sadly, that has been stalled for about six weeks now while work, school, etc. have been kicking my ass. At least I'm getting close though.

My goal for now? Structure my life better and stick to a routine. Step 1: Update this blog with my progress next week!