Friday, February 27, 2009

The Upside of Down

As promised, I'm checking in on Friday to report on my progress or lack thereof for the past week. Here goes.

I was crazy busy this week and didn't spend much time organizing or cleaning--so no good news on that front. The Accidental Diet, on the other hand, does seem to be back on track. I've lost three pounds! There is a chance that this is actually a Depression Diet (hence the upside of down) since the current economic crisis is really starting to get to me as the possibility of layoffs seems more and more real. The fact that I've lost most interest in food is a fairly decent side-effect. Not only can not eating help me lose weight, but it saves money too! A win-win! Also, paralyzing fear over my future employment means I'm watching my spending across the board. It is amazing how frugal you can be when you are terrified.

Until next time!


Dee Murray said...

Maybe that's it! Maybe it's the Depression 12 Step Program I've accidentally stumbled upon! I'm too depressed & freaked out to drink wine! I do think you may have stumbled on to something! Wahoo for the three pounds! Keep it up!

Christie D. said...

I didn't get the thing in my inbox saying your blog had updated! :(
Luckily I just happened to check it.

I haven't lost weight since before Christmas, but haven't gained either and am gearing up for more losing. I hurt my foot which is putting a damper on things a bit... some stupid heel connective tissue problem which will probably take at least several more weeks to heal, if not longer... :(